About Us

Bull Rush Baits, LLC is a USA soft plastic bait manufacturing company. We got our original start when a company, manufacturing a bait we really liked and had very good success, stopped manufacturing it. We made a mold from auto body putty from one of the last baits we still had so we could open pour a similar product and use for our personal fishing. It was about 3 years later that we decided to expand to designing and manufacturing our own soft plastic baits. We started by experimenting with a hot melt glue system and some various small cavity molds purchased online, but did not find the quality of product from the system up to our expectations. We decided to develop the 3D bait designs, have custom aluminum molds machined and build an injection machine to fill the molds. There was a significant investment of both time and money for nearly 2 years to get completed. We currently are building inventory of baits and launching our sales initiatives as we bring new molds into production. We expect to have approximately 11 molds in production in 2020 and will update the offerings as soon as possible. Founded on the principles of lean manufacturing, we intend to keep our processes waste free and our design styles and colors focused on the basic ones we have researched best suited to help our customers at all levels of fishing expertise increase their success and enjoyment of fishing each time they take a rod and reel to the water. 


Michael & Laurie Smith